Euro Stalls


Talked to Justin this morning. He was hesitant and would not even say whether he was interested in going. He wouldn’t even say that it would be a good idea/fun time to go with us. [shrugs]I see. Well, since Kurt asked first, I can wait until the end of this year (come on – 8 months!) for Justin to give a reply. If Justin is not willing to commit by then, I’ll ask Kurt to say whether he wants to come with or not. At that point I think Kurt will decline (because I think he envisioned it as a 3 person trip). At which point, I’ll be asking Geoff, Allister (and Barry if he’s interested) if they are willing to come. This time there wouldn’t be any scheduling problems. At any rate – it hinges on Justin now. I’ll use the time meanwhile to shop around and see what rates are like, how much I’m looking to pay out of pocket etc. The problem is that this trip will clean me out financially… With Waterloo jacking up its tuition, my government salary (people – government employees are _not_ paid at the same rate as private employees. Anyone telling you otherwise is deluded) and rent I’m going to be living close to the edge. Just about the only advantage I have is that I don’t buy anything (computer stuff, videos, CDs etc) for myself so I’m saving money that way… Pulled the Roundup 0.5.6 maint branch (I didn’t know it existed!) and packaged it.

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