Man…I Hate TAL


Worked on the tracker at work today. After struggling with it for quite a bit and getting close and personal with javascript and hackish stuff I got everything working. Sad part – I couldn’t use the category field to filter – which _SUCKS_. However, I _did_ find out with **xxxx at the end of a python definition means. It means that any keyword specified arguments beyond the given keywords is compressed by the interpreter into a dictionary which can be used by the function. Likewise, *xxxx means any positional arguments above the number of arguments listed in the defintion will be compressed by the interpreter into a list which can be used by the python function. Neat huh! Tried to implement a “Goto Issue” item using TAL. Failed miserably. The biggest problem is that I can’t figure out how TAL comes up with a valid path expression. Until I figure that out, I have no idea exactly how to refer to specific forms etc. Which means (joy of joys) that I’m shooting blindly in the dark. Disgusted, giving up today on the issue tracker. Feeling sick… Slight code. Read about SARS. Hmm…why is it that respiratory illnesses seem to start in Hong Kong. Wasn’t there a chicken based flu-like disease there a couple of years ago? What is the cause of such diseases? Notice a lot of media attention – maybe people will start drawing comparisons to the Spanish Flu… Context switches are just as bad in real life as they are in applications. I find diminishing returns, probably because the problems are getting tougher and more involved. Damn sickness.

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