Decided to switch at least my engmail account over to Mozilla mail. I’ve tried it out at work (1.3) and the Bayesian filtering _seems_ effective (although its such a low volume of spam that gets through that I can’t be sure). I intend to try my engmail account (which receives significantly more spam) and see how that goes. Hopefully an improvement. Not only that, I came to the realization that I used Mozilla for a lot and using its mail client was an obvious choice. For me it makes more sense than having EVO open and sucking up resources in the background. Ah – I’m very interested in Limewire. It appears they are trying to improve the Gnutella protocol. We’ll see how that works out. The last time I tried it (even in the 2.9.x series) searches were slow and yielded little, and network usage was relatively high. Perhaps as the network becomes more 3.0 based (when 3.0 comes out) that will change. Again, time will tell. Meanwhile I’m getting annoyed by the weird problem with my blog page. Apparently the boxes holding the blog are seriously screwed. I must find out what the problem is. Also must change color from puke green to something else… I haven’t been using the computer at home at all for the last few days. Thankfully, this has resulted in a sudden and welcome reduction in the number and severity of headaches I have. It appears that something about my computer use and perhaps frequency of use is not sitting well with my body. I’m very unhappy about this, because my computer represents quite a bit of what makes me _me_.

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