Days a plenty


I can say, without the briefest hesitation, that sleeping for 4.5 hours is the key to having a thoroughly unenjoyable day. When you’re sleep deprived your world is muted, your eyes feel sandy and every rest is a potential hazard. The last thing you need is for your eyes to droop and your system to relax, give in. Well, at least I successfully fought off that urge till now.

Got ticked off at the Mozilla I use at work and installed the experimental nightly gtk2 fontconfig enabled mozilla builds instead. Wow – talk about pretty. Interesting points to note however – for some reason the fonts look a little nicer on the RH 8.0 system I use at work (at least some fonts) and secondly its more stable than the mozilla I have here (debian version of some experimental package).

I suspect that I’m running a buggy version of fontconfig or a problematic mozilla build. I’m been very very happy with the way Mozilla is shaping out however. After 1.0, each susequent release has been faster, leaner and just plain _better_. However, I am quite disturbed by Havoc’s comment

“It’s in some doubt at the moment that Gecko will continue to have
adequately skillful people working on the core layout engine. They
may, they may not, it’s in flux. Hedging bets doesn’t hurt.”

[Here’s where a trackback would be nice]

Incidentally, the thing is, when I try to post to trackback enabled URLs using the bookmarklet I get an empty cell in the drop down list box. Oh how this annoys me. I suspect the license?

Sometimes I get too worried by too many things. There’s ony so much a person can think about (state of the linux desktop, kgi, fresco, gnome, mozilla…). There has to be a point at which one says “Stop”. At any rate, I sincerely hope that the core people working on Gecko continue to work on Gecko and that new developers join up. Mozilla has nowhere to go but up. Looking back on today I realize I did a lot of reading of news, tweaking the blog and writing. But no coding. The state of matters must change. I have precious few hours as it is, and I can’t spend my days like this. I will trim (quite a bit) the time I spend reading news and increase the speed at which I do other activities.

Oh man – I forgot to email my cousin Sonia today. Hmm. I really need sticky notes.

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