2.5.66 Continued…


I just downloaded Eclipse 2.1 and:

  1. Running Apache
  2. A number of instances of Mozilla
  3. Seti@home
  4. Eclipse (Sun Java VM 1.4.1)

It’s actually smooth. Switching from virtual desktop to virtual desktop is very nice. No long pauses… The desktop feels much, much more usable! A big thanks go out to the Eclipse guys who put a lot of work into reducing Eclipse’s footprint, the Mozilla guys who are slowly reining in Mozilla’s excesses and the kernel guys for improving the system quite a bit.

Now I would like to know how using an NPTL version of glibc affects this… So far, Debian has not made this available so I have no results. It should be quite a big deal for heavily threaded apps.

I gave up. I’m using OSS. I was going to switch back to 2.4.x because I didn’t have sound and then realized I could simply enable OSS emulation. Now I have to figure out what was causing the problem….devfsd or alsa

Hmm…just managed to provoke a stall by playing music and then loading up eclipse. It _seemed_ like a stall, but I think it was Eclipse loading stuff into memory. I will try recreate.

More on above…I’m not sure what happened. I can’t recreate at all. Things take longer to load while playing music. I think its because of the AS, which gives priority to sequential reads (AFAIK) over other reads. Which probably means that XMMS is getting more IO priority than Eclipse (maybe?). Also doesn’t the scheduler give boost to ‘interactive apps’?

Wow…if you want a good IDE definitely go with Eclipse. They’ve trimmed it quite a bit this version. It feels a lot lighter. Plus it has lots of good features and (because its written in Java) cross platform!

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