Long, long day today. I’m so tired I simply want to fall down and sleep right now. Lots of April fools jokes online now:

  • FSF is having shared source initiative
  • GTA Sin City
  • Five RFCs to invoke the “Evil” bit. Yeah, it was corny but I liked it :)
  • Microsoft buys Linux
  • Gentoo switches to RPM
  • Enlightenment 1.0 is released
  • Turkeys can be converted to fuel!
  • The BSDs are merging (one of them is better than the other two!)
  • Whitespace only prgramming language
  • USB iGrill

Oh man… Muj was complaining today about all the April Fools stuff. I kinda like it and think its fun! At any rate, struggled with LDAP today. Big problems – no answers. Looks like another long day at work tomorrow to try and get this last piece of the puzzle in place. And then…and then the masterpiece will be complete. Still haven’t got Red Hat 9.0 , but am happy to hear from Guru Labs that graphical booting support will be added soon. Its about freaking time. I’m also looking to get a better package manager in there (hint hint) and maybe, sometime far far in the future – Fresco. Heh, it was kinda funny that Dell’s only Linux engineer got his devlabel patch into the RH kernel :) What’s funny is that Dell only has one Linux engineer. What’s even more funny is that thats probably a full 50% of their engineering staff :) :)

But I jest. Goodnight.

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