The last few days have been…interesting to say the least. Firstly, the weather struck…with a vengeance. It’s the beginning of April and we had an ice storm. What’s interesting is that at work they declared a stand down at 2:30 to allow everyone to make it back home. Of course, since I have to wait to pick up my Dad, who leaves work after 5:15 I couldn’t take advantage of that offer. [sigh]. I left however at 4:30 and…then the hell started. First, I found out that my Dad had conveniently ‘liberated’ the ice-scraper from its vanny prison. Since it had already been pelting freezing rain, this meant that I was stuck with a van whose windshield was caked in ice. Say goodbye to antifreeze + windshield wipers. Then, a drive which normally takes 25 minutes took 50 – including a 15/20 minute wait to turn left onto Keele. Joy. A drive which usually takes 1.5 hours took over 2.25 hours.

• • •