I think the dream of many an open source advocate is to create an OS that is powerful to use and yet compares favorably not to Windows – but to Apple computers. Having read/seen quite a bit of Apple and OS X the polish is quite amazing. However, the price leaves a _lot_ to be desired. The way I’m looking at it, a computer with barely 1/2 the speed and same features as a comparable Dell system costs 500 – 600 dollars more. This is inexcusable. Of course, Apple is in a perfect position to charge, since no one else can create Apple compatible machines… Ah well, maybe someday X will be replaced and we’ll be able to make the first tentative steps towards that future. Meanwhile I’ve personally wasted today and am therefore part of the problem – not the solution. So I’ll keep quiet now.

Hmm…my GNOME desktop is smarter than I am :) It reset the time 1 hr ahead. I only noticed this when trying out my GnuPG key. I will have a lot of work to do security wise over the following days.

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