I’ve added two new icons to the side bar. One links to my ICQ information. I’m almost always on ICQ, so if you _really_ need to get in touch with me, that’s the way to go.

The second is my GPG public key. I _highly_ encourage you to support some form of signing in emails. It is one step to reducing the possibility of people tampering with your mail… To use, simply save the GPG file and import it into PGP or GPG. If anyone needs any additional instructions, please ask.

The ICQ and lock icons are not mine. I have taken them without modification from the “Noia Warm” icon theme set available here. The icons have been released under the GPL and I am perfectly content with anyone using the icons as long as its under the terms of the license the author has chosen. Carlitus is a _wonderful_ designer and I’m extremely grateful for the sheer amount of work he has put into this excellent themeset.

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