It’s good to be home. No matter how much people insult Brampton, it’s still a nice place (for me) at least to live. It just _feels_ a lot better than Waterloo. I’m not sure why. I watched Spirited Away last night and I must say, its the first animated movie I’ve watched in a long time that captured my imagination. Which is interesting, wince when I watched it, I realized how much my cares, my concerns and the work I have to do have impeded my enjoyment of life in general. I remember it being different…

I’ve noticed that my RH machine seems slower than my Debian machine. This is ‘not cool’ in the least. I’ve got to track down what exactly is happening with it. What’s worse is that I don’t use the RH mahcine heavily, so I’m really surprised that there’s a difference in performance. Hmm. I’m so tired.

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