Well, its back to the old grindstone today. It’s been a fullfilling weekend. I’m very thankful that I did the things that I ended up doing. This is quite the departure for me. Usually I’m disappointed at what I did not do. Not this time.

Oh, and if anyone has a handle on a good _clean_ residence location next to the engineering buildings I would be very grateful. I applied for UW Place along with Allister, Russ and Justin, but while Allister and Russ got accepted, Justin and I did not. Needless to say, I am quite concerned with where I will be living next term.

Happy Canada day everyone.

I wonder if I will be branded highliy left-wing for posting a link to this:
John Edwards – Democratic Presidential Nominee ;)

It’s all about branding. We could be “tree huggers” or “left-wing” or “socially clueless engineers”. Branding simplifies and reduces people to phrases that neatly characterize their opinions…

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