Well…it’s been an interesting day today.

It seems that the Engineering file servers are having a bad case of the ‘scalability’ problems. Every so often they’ll choke and logins/simple actions (i.e. even opening a file) will take on the order of 10 minutes. I’m not sure what happened, it’s only this term in which I’ve noticed such problems. At any rate Allister and I were attempting to work on our 222 lab part 3 when this happened. Needless to say, our pace of work slowed to a crawl.

At around 10:00, Justin H, Quais, Mirzin Allister and I travelled to Wellsley Hall and Ebey Hall to take a look at our future residences. I’ve got to say Wellsley hall is quite spacious and nice in comparison to Ebey Hall. But, Ebey Hall is nice too… At least I’m living close to Engineering (10 mins walk…_if_ I meander). It’s funny – the girl who lives where Quais will be living lived in exactly the same room he lived in previously. Talk about coincidences ;) She’s also the same girl who took Allister and my photographs for Imprint. Ebey Hall’s quite the anomaly. It’s elevators stop _only_ at even fllors (by design). You get out on these ‘half floors’ and pick a staircase to go up/down into the wing into which your room is. Quite odd no?

On the way back we hung around the SyDe lab and looked in. There’s a really cool six legged walking robot in there. At any rate, ‘someone’ [cough cough] hit the window and the guy working in there walked out. Turned out that he was a 4A elec student working on his 4th year design project. Nice guy to talk to. We ended up asking him a ton of questions…lots of QA. Bah…by the time we got back to the lab the file server was still (somewhat) acting up. I managed to do some work on the C drive only…and left at 2:20…

You know what sucks tho? I forgot to email myself the work I did last night and I had to redo everything this morning. It’s all cool though, really quick…3 hours worth of work and outta there!

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