If you’re one of the (many) students who don’t live on-campus you probably found out that you can’t post to the newsgroups. It appears direct posting has been disabled, but the server still allows email posting. So, if you want to post messages, send your replies to:


If you’re using Linux, you can do this easily within pan (a great GTK newsreader). First, make sure your profile information has the appropriate email server set etc. Then, click “Post to newsgroup” or “Followup to newsgroup”. These icons are at the far left. Then, delete the newsgroup name from the “Newsgroups:” line. Place the appropriate email address (described above) in the “Mail To:” texbox. Enter your message and click “Send Now”. You’re good to go!


The following screenshot should describe what I’m talking about…

Hmm…so many images now…

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