Reading about software projects is like watching a bad movie. At the end you feel frustruated – cause you’ve wasted your time _and_ you got nothing out of it. That’s how I feel right now. At any rate, been working on and off on the compiler project today. It’s been interspersed with reading the 251 notes. I can’t get in touch with Allister via ICQ – which sucks – cause I want to get some coordination on this effort. It’s been smooth sailing so far with SVN, but that’s only because I’ve done 9 commits by a single user on a tiny project. Hardly a stress test of a version control system.

In other news, I read today of how there are some people who are ‘addicted’ to information. They try to multitask and like the ‘rush’ (how can you describe it like that) of reading email etc. It’s been classified as a form of ADD. Sometimes I feel like that – but you know the truth – its pure distraction on my part. It’s not some magical ADD for which I can take a pill and _boom_ everything’s solved. No – it occurs when you get bogged down doing something. That’s all. I think the researchers are possibly reading too much into that situation.

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