Redoing Bogofilter

Well, I can give you this piece of useful info – approx 200 emails (both spam/non-spam) _may_ not be enough for training bogofilter if the spam you receive is varied. As this is my case I am currently marking my archives of over 30000 emails (yeah – you read that right) appropriately. Hopefully bogofilter will be much more accurate after this event. Although bogofilter worked well enough, there were days when 1 or 2 spam did get through and believe it or not – that still annoys me. I’d previously paid attention only to my spam list but I’m now going to classify my large cache of non-spam (ham) mail as well as spam mail so that the bogofilter -u command will work properly.

Another thing – has anyone had any problems with an SMC 7004VBR? I’ve been having random disconnects (router based) that cannot be solved without a reset. This is particularly troubling because I traced a problem with my HTTPS site down to the router as well. Perhaps its a faulty model?

Finally – I’m extremely impressed with DirectFB. Of all the projects out there to bring a newer graphic subsystem to Linux, DirectFB seems to be the one with the most activity. Currently it uses the linux-fbdev framework as its backend, but maybe, in the future it will use kgi (haha – fat chance ;) ).

I’m unsure how much is being used of the DRI drivers and I’m interested enough that after university ends I will attempt to build a directfb only box and see how it goes. As usual, you’ll have the most success with using a Matrox G400 (because all the specs are open). It’s an extremely worthwhile project to check out.

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