It’s been another long day at work and another headache for me. I’m starting to consume Tylenol on a fairly regular basis right now and frankly its beginning to bother me.

As those living in Ontario know, its election time again. I’m aiming to buck the trend towards increased voter apathy and vote against the provincial Tories. While most Ontarians focus on health care (followed closely by education) – my primary focus lies on:

  1. State of the cities
  2. Education
  3. Environment

In none of these areas do I see the provincial Tories taking a lead. In fact what I do see are the Tories dangling large and _very_ expensive carrots in from of the voters of Ontario in terms of mortage tax deductability, reduced property tax for seniors, private education credits and more. While I’m all for tax cuts when they make sense I don’t see how the Tories can claim to improve the lot of major cities while simultaneously cutting taxes and refusing to give them spending power.

I mean here’s the deal – if seniors get decreased property taxes (apparently because they don’t use the education system) then dammit I don’t want to see a single dollar of mine put into the health care system. I mean _I_ don’t use it do I – it’s all those seniors right?

Also, in a country that prides the quality of its public education system I find it disturbing that the government should choose to reward those voters rich enough to afford private school and pay them _out of the public till_ for their choice. Might I suggest that a better option would be to try and _improve_ the public school system?

I mean, I think this sentiment summarizes it well:

“Congress is not an ATM”*

and neither are the people of Ontario.

* Comment by a US senator when on George Bush’s request to Congress for 87 billion dollars.

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