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I’m not surprised that SCO has no idea what’s happening with its own code. To be very honest, the entire history of *nix-like operating systems is extremely murky and filled with code forks, releases et al. I would not be surprised if SCO doesn’t have an accurate record of where (under what license) some of its code is. I mean, with a codebase that old, I’m sure large portions were writeen _waay_ before RCS/CVS or any form of VCS.

At any rate, I’ve been following the rumored specs of the upcoming Tungstens with some interest. As far as I can tell the original Tungsten T is not a good buy for me. With only 16MB of RAM, OS 5.0, a loose slider (in comp. to the T2), and possible digitizer drift – I don’t want to spend a hunk of cash on it.

I _would_ be interested in buying the Tungsten T2 if the price of a new model fell to $350 Cdn (approx 245 USD). The slider is a lot tighter, there have been a large number of bug fixes to the OS, the screen is better, it has 32MB of RAM and more…

What about the Tungsten E? That’s a wild card. The one big worry I have about the T2 is the sliding mechanism and how sturdy it’ll be over the long run. I’ve read that Palm tested it to run for 100,000 uses (way over 5 years of usage) so its gotta be pretty sturdy. But I don’t think it has BT, voice memo or MP3 playback. But it will be at least 229 Cdn dollars cheaper…

I’ll probably go with the E. Price matters.

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