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Well…I’ve just been exposed to my first ‘officially’ sanctioned University of Waterloo weblog. Four airbrushed poster-students chosen from over 15000 in Waterloo have been chosen to let you – the public know just what it’s like to study in Waterloo. Let’s consider Josh. Josh is in CompE and is currently working in Qualcomm. When he’s not working, Josh hangs out at surfer bars, retaurants, patios and more in sunny San Diego! Fork out money (15% tutition increase/term mandatory) every year and this could be you in Waterloo!

Yeah. Right. I mean, I understand that the university has to put up a good image, but this is a bit over the top. Only a lucky few get jobs like this. The majority get jobs in normal companies and live normal lives. They don’t hang out in ‘ultra cool’ places and they certainly aren’t airbrushed. Oh well, what did one except. At any rate – don’t expect anything from these blogs except cheerfullness and delight at the state of the world and love of Waterloo. Would that were real life.


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  • Honestly, though… I want this guy’s job next summer… I want to go to the San Diego comic con next year, and this would make it hella convenient :)

  • True enough Paul. No matter what I say, I would love to have a job in Qualcomm at San Diego. I think however, if students coming to Waterloo think that they’ll all get jobs like this are sadly mistaken.

    Is the San Diego comic convention a big event? Are you actually planning on going or is this a “I’d like to go but…” sort of thing?

  • Oh, this is most definitely something I’m gonna do… even if I’m not working in San Diego, I’m gonna try and take a week off to go to the Convention next summer… I went in 2001, and have always wanted to go back… and this thing is HUGE… how big? The floor space of the exhibit hall is probably more than the entire floor space of every building and every floor at Waterloo… and that’s only the one floor of the convention… it’s MASSIVE… the whole city gets involved, and there’s even Shuttle buses (note the plural “ES”) that transport people to the many sponsored hotels in the city