I think, as an individual, I have a serious case of “do it againism”. Sometimes when you take a look at something you get so disturbed at the cruft and layers of workarounds, half-finished ideas et al. that you simply want to wipe the slate clean and start again.

Unfortunately, in the real world this is often not possible. My Dad and I to this day have heated discussions/arguments about my propensity to rebuild from scratch. I wonder if I should change this. I like experimenting with new ways of doing things – its fun…

I remember reading a blog entry by a developer on Advogato detailing his frustruations with developing on Linux. He mentioned that he had no idea where on the stack to start working and when he did start working on something, the state the lower interfaces were in irritated him so much that he felt like fixing those problems first…

I feel like that sometimes.

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