Back on the election trail…


Oops…seems like the Tories are straying in the polls. My fervent hope is that the voters are taking a serious look at the party that’s single handedly starting to dismantle the public school system and rip off the big cities. Oooh…sounds like _just_ the future Ontario needs. I mean, after all, what do we care about that foolish little city called Toronto…

Bah. I mean, I know that at heart all politicians are liars. They’ll promise to magically restore world peace if they believe that’ll get them your vote. Damn lies. Unfortunately for the Tories, I’m more amenable to the Liberal’s lies as opposed to those of the Tories.

Latest campaign promise from ‘duh’rnie: He promises to build more highways so that residents in the 905 region can get to work faster.


Has Ernie missed on this little thing called the ENVIRONMENT? I mean, I live in the 905 region and yes, these highways would (possibly) benefit me – but I happen to believe that there would be greater benefit in pursuing other means of reducing gridlock. Consider this: a few years ago, realizing that the 410 was packed every morning, the government widened the 410 to 3 lanes across its entire length. Fast forward to 2003. The 410 is packed every rush hour. And foks – its gonna get worse.

Expanding roads isn’t going to help. If Ernie believes that by pouring over 4 billion dollars into widening the 401 (at the southwestern ends), and (somehow) increasing the width of the 401 in the middle of the city from 6/8 lanes to more is gonna help – I think he’s mistaken. People in general are all travelling by their lonesome to work. You could keep expanding the damn roads forever and as long as the population increases and everyone travels by themselves in their own car, you’re screwed. Not to mention you’re basically inviting urban sprawl galore. _This_ is Ernie’s solution to improve quality of life in the GTA? Thanks – but I’ll pass on that. Perhaps he should consider improving transit links _between_ cities so that I can get from Brampton to Toronto in a reasonable amount of time with a reasonable amount of money. Just maybe? Impossible – I don’t think so – but I think it’ll need some serious political will to do this.

At least the Liberals have a ‘plan’ to improve transit by contributing 2 cents of the gas tax to go directly to transit. It’s an excellent fantasy. I don’t expect to ever see that money make its way to public transit but I’ll give them points from trying.

In other news – I now know why I don’t like Star Trek Generations. Inadequate plot, long boring sequences, lack of vitality… why the heck did I bring that movie to watch? I guess time does dull your memories.

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