As I look back on the choices I’ve made, I’ve noticed a trend that I describe as…interesting. I tend to favor the underdog in situations – especially in technical matters. I’ve had people comment on this and tell me that this is a very foolish attitude to take and that I should support the ‘winner’. It’s not like I do this out of necessity or through some laid out plan…it just tends to happen.

  1. Linux over Windows
  2. GNOME over KDE
  3. KGI/Fresco/DirectFB over XFree86
  4. PalmOS over PPC. [This one is iffy. However, I’ve heard that people tend to buy more PPCs today than Palms]

There are of course many more that I can remember. Why did I bring this up? I’m extremely interested in buying a Palm and I read about how PPCs are supposed to be more popular. (I can understand this – they seem less austere than Palms and for sure the specs on a lot of them are better). Every time I turn around, I see yet another PocketPC being made and I feel that sinking feeling that yet again I’ve chosen a community that’s under fire. And again by Microsoft.

You have _no_ idea how much this bothers me. Silly thing really. After all, I’ve been asked – “What does it matter?”. I don’t know – perhaps its a competitive part of me that wants ‘my side’ to win, to be the top dog instead of battling it out.

So as I sit here listing to Dido, my mind is heavy within me. I’ve always experienced periods of depression on and off and a good portion of the time its tech related. I find that often, personal matters don’t bothe rme as much as technical matters. This may sound surprising, given that I’m not a hardcore computer-only guy who doesn’t interact with others. It just seems that I put more priority on technical matters than others.

Well, I’m gonna slink off and think about this.

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