Time Spent Waiting


It seems to me that the last few days are always the hardest. I’m literally couting down the minutes until I can get myself the Tungsten E. The specs look excellent for the price.

Now, I talked to both Future Shop and Best Buy and they both said that they _didn’t_ have a Tungsten E in their system. However, according to a guy on PalmInfocenter, a clerk in a Maritimes Future Shop confirmed that the E was listed on their system and that its price was $300. I’m somewhat interested in when _exactly_ the E will come out. I suppose I can be patient a little longer.

Now looking at the review more carefully – I find three things that I’m not so happy about. The color. I think its excessively shiny and I would personally prefer the T2/T3’s color choice instead. It also appears that the casing is not made of metal. I much prefer a metal case over a plastic one… Finally – it doesn’t have Blutooth. Now I understand that the last two changes are for financial reasons but it still doesn’t make me feel better.

The more I read about PPC/Palm the more I think that my choice to go with a PalmOS device was the right one. I’m interested in using my PDA to manage my life better. It is in this area that Palm shines it seems. I’m hearing too many stories about ActiveSyncs not working, alarms firing at the wrong time, the slowness of accessing information, the inferior capabilities of Pocket Word/Excel et al. when it comes to formatting… But I’ve heard bad things too about the PalmOS – no multithreading/multiapps, no native file store (navigating through the filesystem is not easy), worse mp3/wma playback than on a PPC. I’m inetersted to see if PalmOS 6 (due to be released on December 29th will fix any of these issues.

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