I think that too often we focus on what we’d rather do instead of what we can do.

Can not in the sense of ‘capable of’, but in regards to opportunities that are available to us. By simply thinking of an ‘ideal’ project, one that is perfectly suited to our temprament, we may ignore the hundreds of little projects that pass us by each day. Yet, the more I think about it, the more I wonder if the little projects aren’t the key. By doing them, do we not gain the experience to recognize and tackle the bigger projects as they come?

Today I rearranged the photos I took over the vacation into three piles. The utterly crappy, the decent ones and the few I think are exceptional. I mean exceptional in relative, not absolute terms. At any rate, there’s one photo in particular that I think came out very well – its this one photo that has piqued my interest in photography. I even have an idea as to what subjects to concentrate on next and believe it or not, an ideal title for the group of photos on that subject.

Today the world felt more alive than I can remember. I suppose in the traditional sense, it was a gloomy day – yet for some reason it was more than that to me. As I walked out in the morning, the entire atmosphere, yes, my entire surroundings a blue-gray that was all encompassing, comforting, I could almost feel everything move around me. Perhaps it was the wind rustling through the trees. Maybe its motion gave life, animated objects that too often are part of the background – I don’t know. As we drove today, I was conscious that for the first time, I truly felt good, as if the world was no longer dark or repressive, but full of movement, a barely contained energy that you felt. That you knew was just there, an undercurrent waiting to be revealed. Yes, today I felt something I have not in a long time – wonder – and peace. For just 50 minutes when I traveled to work, I wasn’t fighting against it all, I simply allowed myself to be carried away.


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  • Glad to hear it : ) It’s those moments that make the world worth believing in . . .maybe?

  • It certainly felt like that, yes. I know it sounds trite – but that day felt different. I think its essential to hold on to those memories. Everyone has moments like that – you know, where they suspend their cares and misgivings and they can just focus on the beauty around them, in nature.

    Sometimes I think thats the way things are meant to be – without cares and worries. But I know its just a dream – an ideal which we toss away because we know that it’ll never be.