Boycott RBC


A few days ago, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) invested 50 million dollars in SCO, a company that is falsely (in my opinion) slandering Linux. SCO has not presented any credible proof of their claims and is facing two suits filed by both Red Hat and IBM. It shows no wish to release the supposed ‘violation’ of its IP to the public. To top this off, its most significant contributer has been none other than Microsoft.

There is widespread suspicion that this is nothing byt a ‘pump and dump’ stock scheme, with SCO’s stock rising steadily as its hyperbole increased. I personally am disgusted with RBC for funding a company that has shown absolutely no proof of its claims, has no proof that it can generate sustainable revenue and is relying on FUD (fear, uncertainity and doubt) to garner a few dollars. As a result, I have resolved not to do any business with Royal Bank of Canada.

I urge all Canadian Linux users who have an account with RBC to close it immediately. We have a voice and too long have we been content to let others attack, sully and denigrate Linux without taking action. RBC has taken that one step further. Not content with letting others spread FUD about Linux, it has taken it on itself to financially support the company spreading this FUD.

We have a choice:

  • We could let this pass and by doing so, we implictly condone RBC’s actions


  • We hit RBC where it hurts. If you use Linux in a business or for personal use and you have a bank account with RBC – cancel this bank account. When you cancel this account, make sure to tell the customer service representative that you are cancelling it because of RBC’s investment in SCO. Not only that, send a short email to customer service/PR at RBC as well detailing the same. There are enough of us that the loss of goodwill and the investment cash can make a difference.

If we act together, we can force change. I think its time for us Canadian Linux users to have a voice.

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