Today SCO made some interesting…uh…claims. After reading them I have to ask:

“What the **** are you (the executives) and your lawyers smoking so I can stay the hell away from it. Brain damage is not cool”

At any rate, their statements are:

  1. Linux is an ‘unauthorized’ version of UNIX….designed to destroy proprietary operating system software. Unathorized? Excuse me?
  2. SCO denies the applicability and enforceability of the GPL. Whoa – slow down there jackass. Just because I believe a law can’t be enforced doesn’t give me the right to violate it. Neither does it give me the blanket right to violate the copyright.
  3. The GPL violates the U.S. Constitution, together with copyright, antitrust and export control laws, and IBM?s claims ….

WTF? Omigosh – just about the only thing they forgot is that it promotes communism and anti-patriotism.

I sincerely hope that the executives of SCO are rendered unhireable for the rest of their natural lives and that they will forever be forgotten. If they are not forgotten, I hope their names live on as a business school example of what _not_ to do with a company.

Now, I am a law abiding fellow and let me say this: I would _not_ be greived if SCO got DOS’d off the face of the freaking earth and its employees all lost their frigging jobs and were unemployable for the rest of the miserable lives. Neither would I waste a tear if their executives got spammed off the face of the earth or happened to end up in jail. No. This is war on the GPL, on Linux and on the free software/open source community. It’s gone too far.

More info at Groklaw

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