Where, Oh Where has the little boy gone?


The answer is (unfortunately) more down to earth than the title would suggest. Simply put, I’m working. I’ve been working late nights recently. On Thursday I literally felt drained. I therefore took the opportunity to drive to Famous Players for the 7:50 showing. The woman behind the counter attempted to charge me 19.95 for a movie ticket. I must have looked like an idiot as I gaped at her and asked dumbly “A movie costs 19.95 now?!” I remember (the clarity of this memory is disturbing) thinking that the cost had appreciated significantly since I’d last gone. Of course she was wrong…she was lucky that I wasn’t ‘myself’ and not a regular moviegoer or I would have called her to task about this.

Spoilers may follow:

It’s distinctive Tarantino. The storyline is disjointed and we are only aware of the depth of the disjoint the more we watch the movie. It’s also obvious that Tarantino is a fan of Japanese culture and probably anime as well. The comical lucky 88 fight scene (yes, I maintain that its comical) as these ‘Yakuza’ attempt to wipe out Ms. Thurman with samuri swords is unbelievable in its special effects (humans don’t spurt fountains of blood or spray like a faucet if their limbs are lost) and its mode of execution. But we the viewer are supposed, no, _expected_ to recognize this and file it away. It’s connection to the anime earlier could not have been underscored more deeply. I wonder if this is what most manga is like – fountains of blood, warriors fighting each other individually, revenge fantasies, an undercurrent of anger and frustration… What must it be like to live like that – surroundied by this? I find myself simultaneously drawn to and resigned to the movie. There are moments of genuine humor – times when I find myself laughing, understanding – and times when my brain turns off as I process the visual noise, the violence and the martial arts. I understand it, I marvel at it and yet I wonder at the excess of it. Despite the ambivilence I’ve conveyed I remember walking out of that movie…satisfied. I’d recommend people watch it – if only to make an opinion on it.

I’ve heard that Revolutions is quite bad…and my interest in viewing it has dropped considerably.

I would say that the Silver City closest to my home is a prime example of a theatre in decline. They overcharge for their tickets in comparison to the Grande down south. In fact the only reason I went to the Silvercity was that their timing of Kill Bill was better for me. Yet even on that Thursday I walked into that theatre there were only 6 people watching the movie. Simple economics would lead me to believe that that level of attendence is unsustainable. Yet we must all have our circuses no? We’ll fiddle as it burns around us.

Bang, Bang
He shot me down
Bang, Bang
That awful sound
Bang, Bang

Bang Bang (He Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra


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  • Kill Bill Vol. 1… a grand film… heavily Anime/Hong Kong/Japanese film influenced. The Blood spurting is more inspired by the old school japanese films… or heck, watch Battle Royale (live action film), and you’ll see it in one of the past 3 years highest grossing films in Japan… the spurting “pretty” blood is typical of Japanese film, while the oozing gooey blood is typical of North American films.

    (sidenote: careful on interchanging the use of the words “Manga” and “Anime”… Manga is the Japanese word for “Comic book” and Anime is the Japanese word for “Animation”)

    Famous Players has declined in quality over the years. The only decent one left is the Scarborough Towne centre, being the only one of the Megaplexes I still know that actually has a Student Price.

    I saw Revolutions… and liked it… the people I spoke to who didn’t are the same kinda people that say, “You know, if you analyze it, it’s like the Bible” without knowing squat about the underlying themes and allusions in the film… sure it has it’s problems, but it’s more than compensated by the action, visual effects, and some of the underlying themes… it’s at the very least better than Reloaded.

    “Ode to Oren-Ishi / Have Chinese, half Japanesey / Half American…” – The Rza

  • I expected something like that. The moment I saw the spurting blood I realized that it had been done to convey a certain effect as opposed to emulation of reality.

    Ah – I didn’t realize that manga literally meant ‘comic book’. I had always associated manga with violent animation.

    I think Famous Players overstrectched itself by building huge megaplexes. For example, the Silver City Brampton is empty in comparison to the Orion Gate Grande Cineplex at Steeles and Rutherford. It’s also 3 dollars more expensive (it used to be 5). At any rate – Cineplex is cleaning up in Brampton. The place is always jam packed (although the clientele is heavily young teenagers) and the theatres were crowded. I arrived 15mins before Revolutions and I had to sit in the front row – there was no space left.

  • Yeah – that was shortsighted of me. I was roundly lambasted by my sister for making such an elementary mistake ;)