So I watched Revolutions yesterday. When one has no expections how can one be disappointed?

Unlike a lot of people who knew the outcome they wanted, I … didn’t. Well, not really. On a more emotional level I wanted the humans to win a decisive victory against the machines, but on a more conscious, more pragmatic level I knew this was impossible. The one thing that did strike me immediately was the tone of the dialogue. It felt somewhat more – juvenile. I don’t know – some of the lines seemed timed for cheap laughs. Maybe my tastes have simply changed over the years. Or maybe I’m just not so forgiving anymore. I didn’t walk out of the movie satisfied, yet neither did I walk out abjecty disappointed either. I do know one thing though – this one is better than Reloaded. I’m pretty sure there’s a large amount of symbolism in the movie but I’d probaly have to watch it again to catch the finer points. Yet sometimes I wonder if its truly worth it to spend the time doing that – its not like its a piece of higher art here.

Who was it that told me that if you didn’t constantly try new things before the age of 25, you’d become a stick in the mud? Oh right – Geoff.

Sati means “heedfullness, mindfulness, recollection” – the closest english approximation is conscience. One thing I do remember thinking during Revolutions – if there ever were intelligent machines, the human race is as good as dead. I can’t imagine any scenario where people can win. We reproduce slower, are more fragile, selfish, probably innovate slower, less efficient. Well dang – looks like we’ll be at the bottom of the food chain.


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  • No, see, because of the Matrix, we’d very much know how to win… I’d go on a mad rampage making EMP guns, EMP grenades, EMP boots, EMP belt buckles… and if any machine tried to step up in my face, they’d get an interface full of EMP… ’cause it’s such a devastating weapon against a race that could not ever develop a technology to block EMP pulses.

    As you can see, I have some minor beefs about that aspect of the film.

    There wasn’t a huge library of symbolism in the film, as the whole thing was mainly about Neo being Christ, and God being a vengeful God (ie, striking down on Sodom and… whoops, I mean Zion ;) ) but after Christ/Neo dies for our sins, God becomes a more forgiving God… at least, that’s _basic_ idea behind this film. But beyond that, not much except INCREDIBLY WELL DONE SPECIAL AFFECTS AND ACTION… I absolutely LOVED the action.

  • But Paul, all the EMP stuff we make would be _inside_ the matrix, where we can’t affect the machines at all… For our EMP hardware to be useful you’d have to create it outside the Matrix – in the real world. And even then you’d have to create a whole damn lot otherwise you’d never be able to get through to the machine city. I also suspect the reason why you’d never be able to use EMP successfully is that your delivery vehicles aren’t EMP hardened.

    I didn’t think that the fighting was spectacular. I did think however that parts where they weren’t flying all over the place were a lot more believable. I’m not a fan of the over-the-top action sequences employed in so many movies… It makes me suspend belief.

  • AHA! But the flying worked… at least, in my opinion… It made me think, “Hey, if they did a mdern day Superman movie, they could really have action scenes that kick @$$”

    But, I guess to each their own. I like wacky over the top action. Hence why I thoroughly enjoyed the kick@$$ action in Charlie’s Angels and Shaolin Soccer. But I know that some people want things to be more realistic. Heck, if I wanted to see realistic gun fights and realistic fight scenes, not to mention realistic car races, I’d just go outside… I do live in Scarberia… and yes, I’ve nearly been in a messed up situation or two (the other night I nearly got hit while driving by these two cars racing down the street adjacent to my old high school)… give me above realism action anytime :)