I seem to be consistently blogging every two days or so. The strange part is, I have all these half-finished topics in my head (and even in some cases – the partial text) but they just keep getting dropped by the wayside.

Lets go for one day intervals now, shall we :)


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  • I have the same issue… lots of Blog topic ideas.. but never get around to putting them on paper… well on Blog anyway!

    BTW nice to see you’ve got you GPG key public!

  • Nice site :)

    I know exactly what you mean. The problem is, the longer I ignore my blog, the more stuff I think about and the harder it is to start and put it all down. What you refer to as ‘blog stalling’…

    Maybe the key is to start using more of MovableType’s features. After all we can write pieces and leave them as drafts and complete them when the urge strikes. That should ensure that our thoughts get put down at least. And I find its easier to finish something that’s already half done…