On cars

Hmm…I think its pretty obvious right now (at least to me). I’m a small car kind of guy. Very much a small car kinda guy. I’ve also noticed that the European market seems to have a whole lot of neat designs in the small car arena (obviously).

Now believe it or not, one car I would seriously consider buying is the SMART ForFour. Looks neat and I actually do like the two tone look. I’d buy a diesel engined model too….

Too bad they won’t come to Canada :(


  1. The_Voice - November 16, 2003 @ 22:52

    Get an Italian Job modified Mini ;)

  2. Allen George - November 17, 2003 @ 19:49

    Pshhh…the Mini…

    Alright – I gotta admit it – I’m not a Mini person. I’m not sure what exactly turns me off about it… It’s not really the body (styling)…its something else.

    Do you like the Mini?

    I think its unfortunate that in NA our choices tend to the tank sized ;)

  3. The_Voice - November 18, 2003 @ 11:33

    I tend to like not-so-big cars… I don’t like the mini, or wholly small cars… just a good medium sized car like the Ford Contour I drive

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