Mozilla Firebird


It’s become _very_ obvious to me that Mozilla Firebird is the way to go in the future. I’m glad the Mozilla Project has decided (in the long term at least) to stop focusing on the SeaMonkey application suite and instead concentrate on creation of a strong Gecko core and a host of *bird applications.

Not to mention the fact that the new Mozilla webpage looks really nice :)

Oh I was kinda blindsided by the news today that the next gen Nintendo console is almost certainly the same as the next gen XBox…


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  • “Firebird is the Right choice,” was a decision I made many a period of time ago. I’ve been using FB as my primary browser since at least when it was known as “Phoenix” (0.4, perhaps even earlier).

    Mozilla? Bah. IE? Fucking BAH!

  • I’ve only started using Firebird since its 0.6 days. For two reasons really:

    a) I wasn’t sure how stable it was
    b) I wanted a gtk2, xft2 enabled version of firebird as a .deb and nobody used to be making those.

    I wasn’t about to build Mozilla from scratch (I’ve done it before and it takes a freaking long time) so I never bothered…

    Yeah – IE’s really far behind in comparison… Well at least when Longhorn comes out they’ll have tabbed browsing and popup blocking. I guess the transfer of ideas flows both ways…