Eclipse and the VEP


I’ve always liked programming in Java (despite all the Java detractors out there). Yes, it has its faults – but what language doesn’t?

At any rate, I’ve been outspoken in my opinion that Eclipse is the best IDE for Java work. Well, Eclipse just got better :) It turns out that there’s now a GUI editor plugin for eclipse. It allows you to generate a Swing GUI… Looks really neat too!

At any rate, the URL is Visual Editor Project.

If you click on the “Documents” link you’ll be able to view a demo – which will give you some idea as to the capabilities of VEP. Shockwave is required…

Now only if the developers could improve the C++ plugin…


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  • Eclipse is supposed to be a pretty solid editor. As for me, I still program in text editors, and compile from the CLI.

  • I use vim at work. gvim sometimes if I feel like it. But honestly I would one day like to use a C++ ide on Linux w/ code completion, links to relevant documentation, argument lists and an integrated debugger that doesn’t involve me having to type commands into gdb.

    Just because I use gdb doesn’t mean I have to like it…

    At any rate, that’s the direction in which the CDT plugin for Eclipse 3.0 is moving. Apparently Red Hat added custom files for X, gtk+ and some other library that added the necessary support. I wonder why you can’t just parse header files for the relevant info however. Or create a standard C/C++ API documentation format.