Stop and Listen…


Ever had one of those slooooow days? You know the ones – where time seems to be congealing into an almost interminable set of minutes, seconds and hours? Wait – don’t get the idea that I’m talking about a _boring_ slow day – more like an uneventful one.

Hmm…speaking of which, I think I have to improve my listening skills. Sometimes you just have to put aside other priorities and just listen – I guess even if it could mean that you have to work harder to catch up later on. I feel disappointed in myself because earlier today I do not think that I gave this basic courtesy, this basic human kindness to another person. I was so involved in trying to solve a technical problem that caught my mind that I did not prioritize properly.

And thus I feel bad. Sometimes you really have to catch yourself and know that now is the time to stop and help another person out. Because who knows when you’ll be the person who’s asking for the same courtesy in the future…

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