Cases, screen protectors, razors and shaving


I’ve meant to write a quick and dirty review about the accessories I’ve purchased for my Tungsten E. The two things that I actually decided to spring for were a screen protector and a case.

After much research I decided to buy a PocketPC Tech Writeshield. The specific model: the deluxe version. It cost around 70 dollars and came with:

3 screen protectors
1 bottle of screen cleaning fluid and 2 wet wipes
2 optical quality microfiber cloths
applicator/removal picks.

My verdict so far – extremely satisfied :) The screen protector feels like high quality. There’s a good thickness to it and I have in the past winced as I heard my stylus grate across it. No scratches tho :) It has a matte finish and according to some posters online it diminishes the light from the backlight. If it does – I can’t notice it. There’s a nice feel to the surface of the screen and handwriting recognition hasn’t suffered. I bought the Z71 model which is _extremely_ close in size to the E model (it wasn’t available when I got it). As a result, mine is short by 1mm or so. The biggest complaint I have is that it attracts lint. Quite some lint in fact. I’ve gotta research and find out how to prevent that. I haven’t done any scratch tests or anything like that…if you want more info see Brighthand and search for their screen protector review.

Ah…now the case. The first big decision I had to make was between a hard case vs. a leather case. The hard case can take more knocks, but I decided to go for the leather cause I’d look like an ass carrying a mound of aluminum at my hip ;) The case I ended up buying was a EB Slipper case w/ belt buckle. Approximate price: $70 CDN after shipping. My other choices – Covertec and Vaja.

I decided not to go w/ the Covertec because the top and sides aren’t as well protected. The Vaja, (while I’ve heard excellent reports about quality) is waaaay too expensive and they don’t have a specific case for the E.

That being said, I’m happy with my EB Case. It comes, like the Model T in a range of colors – all black. The top is well padded and has a solid backing to it (ABS plastic AFAIK). It’s called a slipper case cause all sides are covered in black leather – and well covered too… Only the very top sides of the E and the bottom with the cutout for the USB cord and charger aren’t covered. The slipper case has cutouts for the speaker, the charger and sync cord, all the buttons, the headphone jack and the reset button. Finally, to round out the list of features, it has two business card slots. Oh yeah – and a magnetic clasp.

The stitching is good and unobtrusive and the leather is of good quality. The one thing that does bother me, is that the front of the slipper case just above the buttons isn’t quite level. I realize that you can’t make cases perfect but this just…I don’t know… bothers me sometimes. It’s just a little thing however. Personally I think it looks quite nice and I’ve worn it to work without feeling self conscious. Both the belt clasp and the front of the case have seen their share of bumps and they’ve stood up well. It’s a good product for the price – so I’m satisfied!

Oh yeah – on a side note – does anyone know a guy that _doesn’t_ shave with a Gilette blade? I’ve been doing some thinking and I honestly can’t come up with a single name. I’ve used (and abused I guess – my beard can be thick) a Gilette since I’ve started shaving. I’ll be honest – I haven’t even _thought_ of using a Shick. It’s wierd – knocking something without even trying it – but its my face…. The last thing I want to do is use a (possibly) substandard blade on it. Anyways, I’d like to get some info on this. Gilette probably owns the razor market. Oh yeah – and who buys those disposable Bic/Shick razors anyways? Shaving with that is like comitting sacrilege. Any guy who uses that _really_ doesn’t care about the state of his face and whether he gets a clean shave or not.

Speaking on the subject of shaving – how _does_ one get a totally clean shave? I used to shave both with and against the grain (down and up respectively) but I stopped when I heard that shaving against the grain can lead to ingrown hairs (?) and infection. Not fun. I wonder if there’s any truth in that. At any rate, since I stopped shaving up, my shaves have never been as smooth and close. I’m trying to get a nice close shave again but I don’t know how. Maybe I just have to live with it.


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  • I began with a small gillete, and then went electric… and except for the time I forgot my electric when I went to San Diego (and I wanted to see Stan Lee clean shaven… so I used a hotel-provided disposable blade), I still use the same electric razor to this date. The main reason? My little beard… it’s easier to trim and maintain with the electric razor… and it’s a Philips, in case you’re wondering what brand it is ;)… I may end up getting a new one, as this one is getting kinda old.

  • I use a Gilette like any real man. I cut against the grain, and get a close shave. So maybe it does cause ingrown hairs and infection on occassion, though that could be from butchering my face because I’m half asleep in the morning and don’t have my glasses on too.

    Yeah, like a sucker I also have an electric razor which I didn’t even bother to bring to school last term. Doesn’t do a thing for removing normal stubble. I only use it when I have let go for a week (or month as I did twice) to shave the beard off, or trim it up a bit. Like Gvildys, I believe it is a Philips.

    Now can anyone explain why cuts only occur when you’re running late, and then they won’t stop bleeding for hours?

  • Not sure how I ended up here, other than I did a web search to see if Shick happened to have a website….after reading, I thought I’d leave a couple comments about the razor debate though. Being a female, I am extremely picky about razors since I can’t stand body hair on myself – I generally use one every day (or occasionally twice per day!). For the most part I think men’s razors are better than women’s, and until recently was a devout Gillete user – until I ended up borrowing a Shick Quatro one morning. Now I’m seriously considering changing my razor!