…is what I’d describe (without question) as a bad day (TM). My productivity unfortunately, reached a new low today. I also realized just how much I’ve actually forgotten about python – which of course, depressed me even more. I’ll spend time boning up. My computer’s starting to irritate me… I leave it running for so long that after some point any activity on my part causes it to page large amounts of data from disk. Welcome to irritation.

Actually I don’t know what it is, but suddenly over the last few days I feel…different. I can only describe it as a general malaise, a feeling of being less than optimal. I suspect a good amount of that is caused by what’s happening.

At any rate, I’ve also removed myself from ICQ. If you want to get in touch with me via IM, I’m available as Yes, I’ll be online there.

I don’t know – I think right now, I’m in that mood where I’m just aching for … some meaning, some indication of what to do that I’m stalled. I feel so ‘out of it’. It’s a feeling I don’t like.


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  • Welcome to life. I’m exhasted. Too bad for Rob. Friday is however my LAST DAY of work, and I stop tutoring then too. Sleep? Not likely. I’m pretty much booked full until school starts again. Sleep then? Yeah, right, cause you know, they like to give us lots of rest. Oh well, you’ve had a rough enough day without my whining. Feel better. Christmas is all around! Are you sick of hearing those all Christmas carol stations too yet? I know I am.

  • I’m working all the way till the 31st. Need the cash…

    Christmas – you mean that overcommercialized holiday that’s completely lost all meaning once the media and the big retailers got a hold of it? Well…at least if you subsribe to their views – Christmas is all about “Shop till ya drop”

    I hear you on the Christmas stations. I feel like taking an axe to the radio sometimes. Talk about endless loop.

  • I’m different… I’m loving the Christmas music, and entering into the Eaton’s centre each day at lunch to see decorations, a different children’s choir performing, and ALL THE SHOPPING actually does make me happy… and although the true meaning of Christmas is often lost behind the commercialism associated with the Holiday, keep this in mind: The Canadian economy DEPENDS on the Christmas season to keep it’s standard. Christmas purchases are NECESSARY or the economy would go to crap… so, the commercialism may not be the best way to celebrate Christmas, but it does celebrate our economy… at least, that’s how I choose to look at everything.