I decided to go all out in the creation of this year’s work term report. In the past I created my report from a series of separate documents. Yeah – so I wasn’t ‘well acquainted’ with my word processor.

Well not this time. I’ve spent a good amount of time working on trying to get a decent template for my work term report together. That means putting _everything_ (automatically generated TOC, List of Figures/Tables, bibliography) and so on together. All in OpenOffice. So hopefully, some time today I should have a document template with all the component parts required for a work term report. Oh, and did I mention automatic TOC – no more manual syncing for me!

Working with OOo has been both gratifying and frustuating. For one thing, it has (so far) allowed me to do all that I need to do – the big exception being its less than stellar support for page numbering. Its been an exercise in frustuation however because its general usability could do with quite some improvement. It has deeply nested dialogs et al. which make working with it at times quite frustuating. I hope that OO 2.0 (due a year from now) will allow enough time to fix these problems. I think document processors could learn a lot from IDEs.

Looking forward to the Lord of the Rings today? I know I am. But only after I finish my OpenOffice work term report template ;)

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