Social Life


Ever heard that term – “I have no life”. I tend to use it a lot at university – a way I guess, of poking fun at myself. Well, its also at least partially true. Most of my ‘life’ consists of working in labs, studying for exams or working/studying at home.

Nevertheless, I was wondering about my ‘life’ during this work term. I mean, I come home, work a bit on the computer, read and hit the bed. Not really the most exciting of days no? The truth is however, that my social life _really_ takes place at work. I would not be surprised if that’s true of most students on a coop term actually. This term I’m very fortunate in that I’ve met some extremely interesting people, had excellent discussions, had ample opportunity for hilarity – in general a very fun term. I’ve also noticed (as a consequence) that I don’t mind staying in longer to work. Because your colleagues are nice people, it just ups the mood for the entire day and you don’t mind putting in some extra time. I’m not sure if I would have had as much interest if I were ‘going out’ places….

I wonder though – what _do_ people do after work? Does everyone hang out with their friends? Are they studying, improving themselves? I mean, what? Funny thing really, I don’t think I’ve ever had a consise answer about this topic. I think I’ll pursue it a little more strongly next term.


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  • After work I typically go out all night drinking with the boys, picking up chicks in bars, and… …wait… …no… that’s not me.

    I drive home for an hour and a half or so (Petro-Canada loves me $$$). Eat dinner. Check email. Tutor one to two hours. Help my little sister with physics homework. Talk to my girlfriend (proof of social life?) for an hour or so (Bell loves me too $$$). Sporadically I get to read the newspaper (well, comics). Then I typically go to bed. On the very odd occasion, maybe once a month, I’ll actually go out on a weekday evening, just to see what real people do with their time.

    TGIF. My last day of work!

  • Well, it depends on the time of the year:

    In September for the first two weeks, I went to a bunch of Film Festival films with some buddies of mine, and while waiting for late shows we’d hit places like the Bishop & the Belchor on Queen street, or try and curse out celebrities we didn’t like.

    Every Wednesday this term I’d meet up with a buddy of mine to do comicbook stuff, and sometimes hit the town if a new movie was out, or other people had the time.

    On the occasions when me and my girlfriend were in the same town (ie me there, or her here) we’d do something, but otherwise we’d chat on the phone or converse through email or some messenging system.

    I’ve seen a BUNCH of movies with friends. I went out for coffee, drinks, etc. My co-op program, having employed 60 odd co-ops had social events to attend, so eating out with them, going rock climbing, skating at City Hall, was always fun.

    I played soccer with co-workers during lunch and after work… also went out to a sports bar to watch a few Leaf games with the Ultra Leaf fans that they were.

    Otherwise, if I was at home, I’d either chill playing video games (picked up about a dozen new/used games this term… beat 1, and currently attempting to beat another before heading back to school), watch some of the dozen to two dozen DVDs/DVD-Sets I’ve purchased in the past term, read books on the subway (almost done FotR, already finished Timeline, Flashforward and my PSYCH 101 Textbook :P), study for PSYCH quiz, or do psych assignment or study for psych final…

    I’ve enjoyed the company of my family of course, and since getting a laptop, I’ve been able to spend more time with them (and when need be, popping on the headphones to segregate myself from their “Simple Life” watching selves)

    I only hit one comic convention this term, but it was a blast, and I have two kick@$$ sketches to show for it… hit my blog and see the newest one.

    I think I’d go insane if I wasn’t always busy with something… I learned most of my technical stuff at work, but I kept reading up on new technologies via the web (I’m addicted to slashdot, as I’m sure many people are), but I’ve continued to focus on DVD technology, and I’m interested in seeing how they resolve the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disk debacle.

    If “having a life” was judged by how much fun one has, I’d say that I definitely have a “life”, but I’m guessing so do you guys… and I think this carries over to the school year too… I mean, we’re not stuck inside doing schoolwork 24/7, cause if we were, I’d go insane doing just that.