Ghosts from the past


I took a quick look at my old blog on my engineering page. I’ve gotta say that I like the look of the new one a lot better :) I’ve kept the old site around as a matter of online record. It’s also very interesting to read the entries since it gives me a unique perspective on my thoughts at the time. I noticed (for example) that my older entries were more biased towards what I did each day as opposed to interesting topics, technical reviews etc. An online diary if anything.

The Voice:

I realize that the Canadian economy relies on the Christmas season to pull it into the black. Don’t you think however, that this is a bad state of affairs? Personally, the commercialism surrounding Christmas is what disturbs me. To hear people nowadays the meaning of Christmas is _in_ the gifts. Gift giving has become a chore as opposed to an act of friendship/love/[insert emotion here]. You’re actually the first person who’s told me that they enjoy shopping during the holiday season! Oh yeah – and I’m not quite sure the Canadian economy needs celebrating… I have some disagreements with it.

On a side note, heard a very interesting sermon today by a vicar from an Anglican church in London, ON. I don’t think anybody was quite prepared for his message…


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  • I enjoy the Holiday season in all it’s aspects: Commercialism, music (trans-siberian orchestra all the way :) ), and yes, even shopping… eerilly though, these kids at their malls is frustrating me…

  • Hehe…I know _I’m_ old when I start referring to teens as ‘kids’. Well, doesn’t matter, I feel a world removed from them anyways.

    What’s the Trans Siberian orchestra?