Spider Man 2


Is it just me or does Dr. Octopus look a little … portly in this teaser trailer?

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original but I liked it enough that I would consider watching the sequel. I wouldn’t count on it being a ‘good’ movie however (it’ll probably be a financial sucess nevertheless). I’ve got to say one thing though – the ‘kiss’ scene in the trailer (especially the closeup of the lips) is so corny that I was disappointed by it…

Well – stronger than disappointed.

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  • *shocked and appalled*… See, Alfred Molina actually LOST WEIGHT for the role. PLUS: Doc ock is traditional overweight. Only in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics is he muscular, and in actuality, Molina BULKED UP for the role. He’s deceptively portly due to the tentacles coming out the side, making him look a little fat.

    The kiss is good too: true to the comics… very true.

    The second looks to actually better the first, which was easily one of the top 5 comic book movies of all time… which are, in no particular order:

    Spider-Man, X2, Batman, Superman and Road to Perdition.

    Sorry, I’m just quite biased maybe, but the trailer excited me… I would’ve preferred LESS doc ock, to make it more of a teaser, but it was all good. :)