Packing for Waterloo


I can’t believe that I managed to screw up my New Year’s resolution on the second day :) I was aiming for the ‘blog every day’ gig….but I nicely managed to circumvent that by falling asleep while packing.

Its taking me quite a bit longer than expected to pack all my stuff. I guess its to be expected. After all, within the space of a day I have to prioritize my possessions, uproot my life, box it and prepare it for transport. And I have to do this every 4 months. I think next term I’ll simply live out of my boxes. That seems to be the smarter approach to life.

I can see it now – my book on life: “Live out of a box!”

Annoying as it is, I suppose at the very least it’ll allow me to understand what exactly I need in terms of clothes, possessions etc. I think you’d be surprised just how much you can stuff into a suitcase and a few boxes.

What about the year? Oh yeah – can’t say that I’m _really_ looking forward to 2004 all that much. After I’ll be in school for 8 months this year (two study terms). On the plus side at the end of this year I will hopefully be entering 4th year engineering. I’ll see what the year brings out.

Note: My box will be unavailable starting 8:00 PM EST today as it will be moved as well.

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  • This is so annoying. My room looks terrible. I have a bunch of half packed boxes. I can’t figure out what I’ll need for the next four months. It would be so much easier to just start over every four months with just the clothes on my back, but alas…

    Computer is being boxed up soon. Au revoir!