Saying “No”


You know who I have the hardest time saying “No” to?


Why? Cause whenever I have to its because he’s asking me to join him and Allister for a ‘night of fun’ (please, no innuendoes etc…) wherever. Just today I went into a massive bout of indecisiveness wrt. going over to his friend’s place for Foosball.

Needless to say, I didn’t go and that’s why I’m sitting here writing on my blog. Instead of launching into a massive bout of self pity, I’ll just state that in the future if I have to say “No”, I’ll do so quickly and not subject the both of them to a whole slew of “Maybes”.

I believe I’m gonna have to splurge on some RAM for myself. For some reason, I have crazy amounts of swapping going on when I run my Linux box and use Eclipse, Limewire and Firebird. I know they all suck memory and I run a bunch of servers, but this is crazy. I’m talking about 20 second waits when I switch from Eclipse to Firebird. What’s with that?

Looks like 324 is gonna be the course that royally screws me this term. Tri-state drivers – here I come!

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