Another month. I’d like to consider this a ‘new beginning’ as it were, for this term. There are multiple reasons for this and I hope that my optimism about the coming month will prove founded.

Generally I’ve been thinking about a number of issues. And gone off and bought a few things in the process. I’m now the ‘proud’ owner of a Nintendo Gamecube, along with Super Smash Brothers Melee and NHL 2004. Oh yeah – and 3 controllers. The last pieces of hardware I need to get are a fourth controller and a memory card. I don’t think I’ll be buying any software for the time being, seeing as their prices tend to be astronomical. Apparently Metroid Prime rocks the GC’s FPS world, so I might consider that.

I’ve also been doing a fair bit of thinking about the laptop I should be getting for the upcoming school term – namely the 3B term. I can see advantages to using it (definitely) but I wonder if it is _actually_ that useful. I’m also torn between a Powerbook and a Dell. I’ll confess – the Powerbook looks extremely tempting. The design is clean and inviting and OS X looks lickably good. On the other hand the Dells are significantly cheaper. Oh and of course, Linux and laptops don’t mix very well…

I’d like to hear from anyone who’s bought a laptop for university purposes. Have you found it to be very useful? If so, what did you use it for? I’d like to postpone a purchase for as long as I reasonably can, so I’m wondering what the typical use cases are like.


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  • I go with cheap and crappy. Laptops are portable (read: easily breakable) and generally non-upgradable (read: tomorrow it will suck anyways)


  • I’m sincerely considering a Powerbook.

    The weight’s honestly a big factor now, considering I may (or may not) have to lug the thing back and forth from school. There’s also the big draw that I’ve used Windows, Linux but never a Mac OSX system. I’m going to talk to Paul T. over the weekend and hopefully he’ll come over with his Powerbook and I can take a look at it.

    I’m really holding out for a Powerbook G5 though.

  • Bah. I’d still go cheap, and probably last generation.

    Gvildys: Mine was RAM upgradable, but it’s decked out already. Maybe I can find a faster CD-ROM drive though ;)