Where am I working?


One of the major advantages of studying in the Computer Engineering program at the University of Waterloo is coop. The ability to study a term and work for another is something that I value highly. If anything, it allows me to switch from one ‘mode’ to another – a change that can be highly refreshing and relaxing. More importantly however, it allows me to leave Waterloo with real world experience in my field – something that is worth the 15% increase in tuition Waterloo is extorting from me every term.

So where am I working this term?

[big grin]

Qualcomm Inc.

That’s right :) I’ll be working in Qualcomm Inc.’s QCT (Qualcomm CDMA Technologies) division as a Software Engineer. And that’s not all – I get to work in San Diego, CA over the summer. [huge grin] Oh yeah… But that’s really the icing on the cake. I’m very much looking forward to working on embedded/real-time systems. I personally think that ECE 354 and 324 are the most interesting courses I’m taking this term, so the work I’ll be doing in SD will be right down my alley in terms of interest.

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  • Congrats. . .I think you’ll like California. If you get the chance, be sure to visit San Fransisco. After Florence, it’s one of my favourite cities (and London, ON follows).