Ah, studying for exams. What could be more challenging and yet, so interminably boring. I’ve never enjoyed studying for exams (who does) but I find, that in math heavy courses, I learn more in the run-up before exams [midterms/finals] than during the actual school term itself. I think part of this hinges on the fact that there’s little, if any, time to seriously apply one’s mind to the material during school itself.

Sounds silly? I think not…

Think of the sheer volume of stuff you have to do. Find housing. Get a job. Write resumes and cover letters. Finish your assignments. Finish your labs. Finish reports. Fix your work term reports. So on and so forth…. Then, look at how much time it takes to understand the material. And I don’t mean understand it just well enough to replicate the formulas and disgorge them onto an exam sheet. No, I mean truly understand the material so that you can make a sporting effort on the tough, ‘never seen that one before’ questions on the exam. That takes time.

Whatever. I hate 316… And I have to pass that damn class too.

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