March 26 – 27


It’s been such a long day – only 1 hour of sleep and _so_ worth it. I went out drinking with Geoff, Allister, all of Geoff’s roomates + Barry, John, Russ and Leah.

I had a smashing good time :) There’s not much more I can say in such a short space – too much happened. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I’ve absolutely no regrets about having participated. At any rate, I think everyone involved had a lot of fun. We took a ton o’ pictures. Lots of laughs – that’s what I enjoy the most. I don’t think at all about engineering – I’m elsewhere – and its so refreshing. Extremely refreshing.

At any rate, we stayed over and I just got back around 1.5 hours ago. What’s curious is that over the course of the last day I learnt a very important lesson and I remembered myself….

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