Friday…or maybe a continuation of Thursday


It’s been an extemely interesting day for me today. I’ve been gaining solid footing at my workplace and am growing more and more comfortable with the pace of life in San Diego. My biggest peeves here however are:

  1. Lack of a real public transit system
  2. Narrow sidewalks in some areas with _really_ inconvenient signage
  3. Perfect weather all the time (Change damnit!)
  4. Check cards…umm…they’re wierd
  5. Lack of parking on PB

Ok…so I could go on forever ;-) There are always things that you’ll never like about a place. However, for all its faults, San Diego’s still a nice place to be – just like most major cities in this world (I _exclude_ Detroit. It’s a hole.) I personally like the Gaslamp district a lot. We’ve only been there once but I’d like to hit it again.

At any rate, we left work today and drove straight to the beach. After splashing in the waves for a bit (getting salt in my eyes and mouth, almost getting dragged out by seaweed and unable to breathe) I departed the ocean’s grasp and chilled on the beach for a bit. After Justin and Mike (those two crazies!) had boogie boarded their hearts out, we did a quick change on the lot and decided to hit a bar/restaurant.

Ho ho ho [big grin] ask me about the place we went too. I was _pretty_ satisfied (for many reasons). At any rate, today I ate more than well … actually no I can’t say that – I ate a ton at the potluck the previous Sunday ;-) But suffice it to say I ate a lot. Highly buttered restaurant made tortillas (they make it in house!), tons of nachos and chips, a Questa Fuendo (cheese and spicy sausage … lots of cheese), ladysfingers sponge cake topped with raspberries, strawberries and enough syrup to make you get a sugar rush and to top it off, the largest damn margarita you’ve ever seen. The thing was freaking enormous! I mean, my _palm_ stretched to the max could barely touch the edges of the glass. But it was soooo good :-) Oh yeah – the meal was very unhealthy, but I’ll try not to think about it.


I’m gonna enjoy Friday too – seems like we’re off to see Van Helsing’s. Probably not going to be a good movie at all, but it has _one_ redeeming factor. Props to the person who figures it out!

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