LA Tomorrow?


Well, on Tuesday of this week, I decided to pay a good chunk of cash for the privilege of a few minutes airtime at the wind tunnel in Perris.

‘Wind Tunnel’ you say? What’s so special about a wind tunnel that you have to pay for it?

Ah, there’s the rub. Imagine that this wind tunnel is…vertical. And has 5 very large fans. And uses (apparently – I can’t vouch for this number!) k00kWh when fully powered. And you get to float in it ;-)

Ah yes indeed, I paid to go for a simulated skydiving experience and I had a blast! It’s a very unique feeling floating off the ground. I can tell you one thing – although sky diving looks extremely peaceful (almost relaxing) it certainly doesn’t feel like it. You’re putting real effort to make your body take on the form it needs to stay in the air. Even the _smallest_ movement makes a huge difference. For example, arching your back causes you to drop, moving your chin up/down makes a difference, the positioning of your legs and the orientation of your arms all count. It reminds me of a continual balancing act. And boy does it take it out on back muscels you never knew you had! At any rate, I _would_ be skydiving right now, but the expense of getting started is ‘quite large’.

Oh yeah – I’m heading off to LA tomorrow (AFAIK). So, I’d welcome _any_ suggestions as to places to hit! I intend to be taking my camera along, so the more ideas I have as to places to go and things to do – the better! Oh yeah – and recommendations as to reasonable/cool places to get a bite to eat are greatly appreciated ;-)

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