I know what you’re thinking.

It broke. Although I have backups of all the old files and could replace them fairly easily, I’m feeling in the mood to start afresh. So, its quite possible you’ll see this site morph over the next few…months?

<smiles>Enjoy the ride.


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  • See, here’s the weird thing. I clicked on the link on Teehan’s blog to get to your blog, cause I’m lazy, and I didn’t realize it was your blog yet, cause it’s almost identical looking as I write this. Damn you.

  • That’s because its the default MT template :)

    Paul’s probably using MT 2.661. I believe he created his set up before MT 3.0 (what Scott’s using) was released.

    Personally, I’m extremely unhappy with the 3.0 series and its licensing. In addition, I never really took to Perl. I’ve always stuck with Movable Type because of all the CMS suites out there designed with blogging in mind, it was the most feature complete and best designed out of the box.

    However, given today’s issues I will be moving to WordPress (a PHP based system) in the near future…

  • It really is tempting to start fresh. It’s hard knowing when is enough, but other than a few bugs I need to fix and adding some images, I think I’m done with my design and layout.

    Time to download Photoshop…

  • I’ve always been a sucker for the ‘start over on a clean slate’ methodology. There’s something about the allure of a redesign with none of the past’s limitations that really draws me.

    Unfortunately, its also _the worst_ way to approach any major redesign. A lot of the man hours spent tweaking the old design and getting things right just go down the tubes.

    <grins>Scott – I really like the look of your site. The color scheme stands out and its extremely effective. The link bar to the right isn’t overloaded (I would suggest limiting the archives section to only display the last 3 months – that’s what I plan to do) and you’ve got a nice use of repetition with those >>. Seriously, your site has an open feel to it.

    Out of curiousity, how long did you spent creating your design?

  • That’s funny Gvildys, I did the same thing earlier today, it caused me a bit of surprise! And it made me think about actually putting some time into my site’s design… as you may have guessed it was slapped together in a hurry in order to get it up before departing, and I haven’t yet had time or motivation to improve it. But maybe I will one of these days….

  • From start to end, it took me awhile. While I’ve never worked on it for more than an hour or 2 at a time, I’ve been working on it for the past few weeks. There’s still stuff I need to do, but that’s all relatively minor. The time consuming and tedious changes were to the templates, and making sure that the correct tags were being used in conjunction with my stylesheet.

    With all the design crap (almost) out of the way, I can just sit back and post. Which I haven’t done much of lately.