New Address (and Favor)


Yesterday I purchased from Namecheap. It’s been a long time coming. When I first started writing on August 2002, I wasn’t sure if I’d keep it up for more than a few months (or even days). As a result, I never bothered to purchase my own domain name, choosing instead to rely on Dynamic DNS to handle my needs.

I’ve decided to make my presence on the web a bit more permanent.

Currently, simply redirects to, but that’s because my landlord is ‘using’ port 80. When I have my personal DSL/cable internet connection, I’ll use a dyndns client to remove that intermediate redirect.

I have one favor to ask:
Could everyone linking to this site, please change their links to the permanent address?

I realize its been a hassle (first the port change, then this), but I’d really appreciate it.


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  • Done.

    Did you happen to get the road trip photos? I mailed them last week and they should have arrived by now.

  • Funny you should ask that – I was just about to email you a note of thanks…

    Yeah – I got them yesterday. My landlord just got home yesterday (and he has the key to the mailbox) so all the piled up mail got to me yesterday.

    Doing a quick count, it appears that I took over 1411 photos.

    Oh man…

    In other news, I now have to buy another HDD :-)

    Thanks for sending the photos Paul! Oh – and updating the links