Housing Woes


Ah…that time has rolled around again…

It’s time to locate housing!

And hope like hell that you don’t get el-crappo place with a horrible broken apart washroom, bad furniture, leaky ceilings, a crazy landlord or more…

Well, I appreciate the work Paul and Janelle are doing for me though. Props (and surprises) go out to both!


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  • I’m gonna pretend that that was a clean comment ;-)

    Seriously though, wait till you get down here. Incidentally – when is ComicCon?

  • Please, no performing favours inside the house. It’s not that kind of house.

    Must stab knife through my brain to remove the horrible images. ARRGGG!!

    Props G. Kick ass find.

  • I’m not sure what the problem is here Paul…

    Can’t you guys just send it to us and we fax back a signed copy + the actual lease in the mail?