Power Outage


So, I forgot that today they’d be a power outage @ around 1:00 PM PST. That would explain the downtime.

Last term I didn’t run my computer during the night (as in, when I was supposed to be sleeping). I found it gave me headaches and kept me up. This term I’m running it 24/7.

Which brings up another point…

I’m interested in buying a new HDD and I’m unsure of which one to get. The big manufacturers are Maxtor, WD, Seagate and Hitachi. Hitachi bought the drive business from IBM, makers of some awesome HDD equipment and most recently the notorious Deathstar. WD drives are fast, fast, fast but I’ve heard a lot of comments about drive failures. All my HDDs are Maxtors and I’ve never had problems (knock on wood) but I’ve heard that’s changed in the recent past. Finally, Seagates are the slowest of the bunch but the quietest (big plus) and apparently more reliable.

So…I’m not sure which one to buy. Especially since warranty periods have been slashed to a year and almost no one guarantees ATA drives for 24/7 operation with the notable exception of the MaxLine Plus II.

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